About Us

Vision & Values

“To be a trusted organization and a global leader in the area of English language skills providing innovative and effective products and services.”

Think out of the box

We will always encourage our people to ask why. In other words, we will encourage the spirit of challenge with a view to continuously offer new and better solutions to customers.

Respect customers

Each user of our products is our customer. Each member of the delivery chain getting our products to users is our customer. Each customer, big or small, must be accorded utmost respect. This in turn means we listen to them, understand their needs and solve their problems.

Provide quality

We will deliver what we promise and will keep our methods simple. This will enable us to do things right the first time. We will pay attention to the relevant details. We will standardize and automate where possible.

Do the right thing

To be a leader is to hold our head high at all times. At work with colleagues, in the uncompromising integrity of our actions, always complying with law are examples of doing right. Having the belief, confidence and courage to call out violations of this principle is also doing right.

Be accountable

We will take responsibility for what we promise, deliver on commitments, and never pass the buck, especially when representing EnglishHelper™ to customers.